44th Post – Welcome to Halifax 29.10.2014

Halifax bridge

Halifax bridge

So. I moved.

I couldn’t find work. Started looking at Halifax as a possibility. Visited it. Loved it. Went back home for a few weeks to find an apartment in Hali / tie up remaining loose ends / pack up my things.  Then I drove here with my car stuffed full.

It was a two-day drive. Have been exhausted since I arrived 11 days ago. But good exhaustion.  Been busy settling in bit by bit. Cleaning the apartment / unpacking / figuring out where to park at what times so that I don’t get a ticket / job searching everywhere / nailing all my job interviews / catching up on correspondence with friends family and job prospects from inside my car while I’m parked in a shopping centre’s parking lot (to avoid parking tickets) / getting lost every single time I drive somewhere because I still don’t know which streets are one-ways or which ones you can’t turn on (even though my natural excellent sense of direction is still intact) / contacting anyone I may know here / allotting myself Social Network Building Days (because that is especially very important when starting in a new place. No one likes to be alone) / getting a local phone setup / arranging for the plumbing to be fixed in my bathroom so I don’t have a massive floor puddle every time the faucet runs / going to museums / checking out live music / touring around to find where places are / trying with great effort to keep my ass warm while I sleep on an inflatable mattress (a task that’s pretty much impossible) / trying to be oblivious to the massive spiders that lurk around on exterior walls / periodically remind myself to take photos / force myself to socialize at every opportunity even if I’m tired / explore explore explore / dress up for a Halloween party / dancing with new friends.

And it’s paying off. I had my first day at a job yesterday (part-time work). I have another job interview today.  And other interviews and second interviews coming up.

Soon my furniture arrives and I’ll get to sleep on a regular mattress again – one that isn’t freezing on the ass. And in 10 days it’s my birthday.  I’ll be 29. I’ll go celebrate for sure, in some way.

Last year at my birthday I was in my most very worn-out period of chemo. It was 1 week after my final chemo dose, so I was in the thick of the onslaught of side effects. I slowly managed to bake myself a birthday cake. I think it took 2 days to do it – from finding a recipe, to slowly gathering the ingredients, to baking it. Oh my gawd, why on earth didn’t I just ask someone else to do it?  It was SO hard for me to do that.

As a comparison, packing up my things & driving for two days to Halifax & carrying everything into my apartment myself & cleaning the whole apartment first & then unpacking, was about ONE THIRD the effort it took to bake that cake. That’s how exhausting chemo is.  And I could hardly taste it because my taste buds were like fried from the chemo. Bleh.

So ya, I’m definitely experiencing good exhaustion right now

And I LOVE Halifax!  ❤


3 thoughts on “44th Post – Welcome to Halifax 29.10.2014

  1. John Bradley

    So good to hear of this positive event and time in your life Maia! Very happy for you! Enjoy your new adventure. Much deserved! John Bradley

  2. Maia, you’re awesome, amazing, spectaular! Good for you! You are one tough cookie. Keep up the good work. Do you have a mailing address? Someone might want to send you a b-day card! Good luck with the job interviews. love Cari

    • Peg

      I’m so glad that I got to see you in Halifax a couple of weeks ago! You are a strong woman. And best of all, you are in charge, making good things happen in your life. Congrats on your sweet apartment, your new jobs, and your constant spirit of adventure. You are one feisty lady, wending your way smoothly through your new life in Halifax, and all those one way streets! Keep up the good work kiddo!
      love and hugs,

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