46th Post – Diagnosed 2 yrs ago today 14.05.2015


I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago today. That was a weird day.

Plus, it was the day Angelina Jolie released the article about her prophylactic mastectomy surgery, which resulted in a MAJOR spike in prophylactic surgeries and reconstructions post cancer treatment. Resulting in longer wait times for these types of surgeries.

I think it’s great that her article informed people and made them realize that they may be at higher risk and that they also have options, but I also really want an awesome rack again.

Soon though! I finally saw a surgeon. And I can expect to have surgery to put in expanders in September or October. And 6 months after that I can get implants. Very exciting!

But in about 6 months from now I will have some cleavage. I am going to be flaunting that cleavage everywhere I go!


45th POST – Empathy Cards for Serious Illness 04.05.2015



Know someone with a serious illness, and don’t know what to do or say? From my personal experience, it’s better to say something than nothing at all in this situation, and these new greeting cards say all the right things! They’re very spot on. My favourite is the LEMONS card. Hahaha, that happened a lot to me, and each time I was just stunned and yell-thinking to myself, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS? But whatever, we all say wrong things. I put my foot in my mouth all the time.

Here’s where you can find the cards: