46th Post – Diagnosed 2 yrs ago today 14.05.2015


I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago today. That was a weird day.

Plus, it was the day Angelina Jolie released the article about her prophylactic mastectomy surgery, which resulted in a MAJOR spike in prophylactic surgeries and reconstructions post cancer treatment. Resulting in longer wait times for these types of surgeries.

I think it’s great that her article informed people and made them realize that they may be at higher risk and that they also have options, but I also really want an awesome rack again.

Soon though! I finally saw a surgeon. And I can expect to have surgery to put in expanders in September or October. And 6 months after that I can get implants. Very exciting!

But in about 6 months from now I will have some cleavage. I am going to be flaunting that cleavage everywhere I go!


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