47th Post – What do Breast Cancer Tumours Look Like? 05.10.2015


There are many different types of breast cancer, and there are different identifying marks.  I had lumps.  Some people have a visible change in the texture of their breasts, such as puckering, or a cottage cheese type look.  I don’t know much about those though, because I had the lumps.

How big were they?  What did they feel like?  Could I see them?

They started small. Then grew really fast.  They felt hard.  I had previously had a breast cyst for a few years, but the cancer feels different from a cyst.  The lumps were harder.  Stick out your elbow and press on the tip with your finger.  That’s what the cancer felt like.  I could start to see them protruding in the final few months that I had them.  I don’t mean protruding as in trying to break the skin.  I mean they were just so big that their hard forms became noticeable in comparison to squishy boobs. So it began to sort of look like I had corners of something hiding within my fat tissue.

This is how big the lumps were at about 2 weeks before I had my double mastectomy surgery.

Now go take a shower, soap yourself up and check your breasts. Being all soapy and wet makes it easier to feel those irregularities.

IMG_0880 IMG_0883